Best Pet Friendly Activities in Panama City Beach Florida

Long vacations away from home can be phenomenal, especially if you spend that time down in Panama City Beach, Florida. There is plenty of sun, sand, and water there, plus a ton of other activities that can keep you busy for days, weeks, or even months. Of course, if you plan on being down there for more than a day or two, you will want to bring your pets with you. After all, they aren’t going to want to stay in a kennel or home alone with occasional visitors for any length of time!
You may be wondering how it can be possible to bring your pets with you, because you won’t have all the same options that you do at home. However, we can tell you that Panama City Beach, Florida is the perfect place to hang out with your pets and include them in many of the activities that you do each day. That means that they won’t be sitting inside your rental unit, bored out of their mind and wreaking havoc, while you are out exploring the sights. Instead, they can be right by your side, as you participate in numerous pet friendly activities!

Here are the 7 best pet friendly activities in Panama City Beach, Florida:

Dog Parks

Okay, so dog parks are popping up all over the world, so you may not be surprised that they make the list here in Panama City Beach. However, while many cities and towns have one or two dog parks, this area has at least four, which include the Dog Park at Aaron Bessant Park, the Everitt Avenue Dog Park, the Dog Park at Frank Brown Park, and the Zollie Young Dog Park. These parks are excellent places for your dogs to meet new friends, and you can meet new friends as well! You may even learn more about this destination, including little tips for must-see sights, restaurants, and more. It is common for live music to be played at night at Aaron Bessant Park, which means that you and your pet can enjoy the scenery, music, and fresh air, as you relax on a blanket going over the events of your day.

Dog Beach at Pier Park

If your pet loves going for a swim, they will love spending time splashing around in the water at Dog Beach at Pier Park. As you are looking at the pier, you will find this beach to the right-hand side. You will need to keep your pets on a leash at all times, but that doesn’t mean that you both can’t have a romp in the sand and the water. This beach does get crowded, especially on the weekends, so you may want to visit earlier in the day or later in the evenings on those days.

Dolphin and Snorkeling Tours

If you have been wanting to do a snorkeling or dolphin tour, you don’t need to feel guilty about needing to leave your pet behind. The reason for this is that Captain Lorraine allows everyone to bring their pets with them on their tours. Your dog can sit next to you on the boat and feel the breeze through their fur, as you are feeling the breeze through your hair. The best part about these tours is that they can be personalized to fit your needs, while allowing you to spend time with your pet. Throughout your time in the water, you will have the chance to see shipwrecks, artificial reefs, dolphins, and other marine life.

Go Shopping at Pier Park

Pier Park is a wonderful outdoor mall, and while you cannot take your pet inside most of the stores, they can walk next to you as you do some window shopping. There is one store that welcomes dogs though, and that is Ron Jon’s Surf Shop. Your dog can help you pick out the perfect surfing gear, or the perfect souvenir, for your trip.

Dine Out at Pet Friendly Restaurants

Not every restaurant in Panama City Beach is pet friendly, but some of the ones that have an outdoor patio will allow you to have your pet sit right next to you while you are eating. Two of the best options include Taziki’s Mediterranean Café and Patches Pub. While that is a nice feature, your dog may prefer that you dine at one of the restaurants that serves food to dogs as well as people! Over at Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, dogs can have their own doggie sundae, while Salty Sue’s has a full menu dedicated to dogs.

Get Some Exercise at PCB Conservation Park

The PCB Conservation Park is comprised of more than twenty-nine hundred acres of land and within that space, there are twenty-four miles of trails and another mile of boardwalks. This means that you can find the trail that is the perfect length for both you and your pet. Each one of the twelve trails have different lengths, which range between just over a half mile all the way to eleven miles. You can only have two dogs per person inside this park and you must keep them on a leash at all times. However, that won’t stop either you or your pet from having fun, as you get some exercise and spot some wildlife.

Visit Shell Island

Shell Island is an island that is part of St. Andrews State Park and it is a must-see destination for those who love nature and seashells. There are fewer shells on this island than there used to be, due to visitors grabbing all their favorites for years, however, that shouldn’t distract you from the beauty that can be found in this underdeveloped destination. This the perfect spot to lay on the sand, watch the water for bottle-nosed dolphins, and enjoy some time in the sun. While you can take your pets with you to this island, you will need to be cautious that you are only taking them to areas where they are allowed. These spaces include the areas that are not owned by the park, which means you will basically need to stay within the Spanish Ante area. You can also have your pet with you on the water and the wet sand.

Your pets will have so much fun as you take them exploring with you when you are visiting Panama City Beach in Florida, and you will be so happy that you didn’t leave them behind at home! We hope to see you here in our beautiful city soon!

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